Roca Jump The Gap 2009

In our current society we live in a stressing world where we do not have time to relax, to devote to the people we love
or even to ourselves, to travel or enjoy the small pleasures of life. We waste all this time without being really aware of it.
Is it a consequence of our society that we can not really fulfil our dreams and wishes nowadays?

If it does not allow us to find a
gap to feel uninhibited,

why don’t
we create a space where everyone
can feel so?

“Wherever” is a space
that allows users to anticipate
new desires and necessities. Who
would not want to arrive home at
10 p.m., open the door and find
themselves in paradise?

proposes a formula that combines innovation, technology, aromatherapy, musicteraphy and
colour therapy, resulting in well-being, comfort, pleasure and fun for all bathroom users, from
the oldest to the youngest. The innovation
can be appreciated in the new sinuous shapes,
very pleasant to the touch and to the eye, as
well as in the new applications that we offer
in the bathrooms fixtures.